Monday, August 27, 2012


This weekend me and my lads had much fun,we attended a cheese and wine party .Am well known by my lads that i love cheese.
The event was organized by I.G.M consulting services under our beautiful lady Esther Lawrence,what a hard working women with full of enthusiasm.The event was proudly sponsored by Tanzania Distilleries and OMASI co.
The event was exquisite and one of a kind ,every one was enjoying to the fullest,Thanks to the Tanzania Distillers for the lovely wines.
Wine Bar by Tanzania Distilleries
  The wine and the cheese werent just it,there was groovy music from stiggy's band.I loved the music and so did the rest,you could notice by the way the wobbled.

He played very well
Lets Talk Cheese
Omasi a company that provided the event with Cheese that night,I personally i never knew that cheese was classified in many different ways ,why not share it with you.
What is cheese?
a food made from the pressed curds of milk, firm and elastic or soft and semi-liquid in texture:
Engiteng Cheese?
Engiteng is a pure authentic Maasai brand. Literally, Engiteng means ‘cow’ in Maasai language. Engiteng is the result of the idea to create income generating activities in Maasai land, benefiting local communities and providing new business solutions to reduce rural poverty.
Cheese Classes.
  • Creamy Cheese - Just from making
  • smokey Cheese
  • Matured Cheese
  • Morani Cheese
  • Young Cheese
  • Country Cheese                                                                                                                              
This Imagi wine is sweet

Imagi White wine

 Imagi white wine is made using Makutapara White Grapes .It is straw Yellow  in Colour with hints of honey and tropical fruit.Best served with salad and Poultry dishes.

 Imagi Red has been made fro Makutupora red grapes,it is ruby red in colour,well balanced with hints of red berries and chocolate .Should be enjoyed with Nyama choma /matured cheese.
The above wines are the ones we had at the party,including Dodoma wines.
How crazy it got
What a party i tell you...


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