Tuesday, August 28, 2012


Is it a masterpiece of cinema or anything close to that? Hell no. Is it at least an extremely fun summer action flick that far supersedes the original? Well you bet your ass it is! The Expendables 2 is everything that the first film should’ve been, and that’s thanks to great direction by Simon West, action scenes that are actually comprehensible, witty one-liners, a great cast, and a very high fun factor. If you’re an action movie fan, then please don’t miss out on The Expendables 2! It is FAR better than its predecessor, and you won’t regret seeing it! You think am done ? hell no.now lets roll to the review..

The story picks up where the prequel leaves off. Barney Ross (Stallone) is still the leader of a badass group of veteran warmongers taking on black ops for hire. But Church (Willis) has not forgotten the debt owed to him from the first movie. He comes back to collect with CIA level threats capable of making anyone pee their pants. Ross reluctantly accepts a mission to get Maggie (Nan Yu) to a plane crash site in a warzone so that she can retrieve a map to a plutonium cache. But they are ambushed by Vilain (Van Damme… and not a very creative name for the villain) who murders the newest and youngest member of the pack Billy (Liam Hemsworth). After the death of the younger version of Thor, the team goes on a “hunt to kill” mission to take down Vilain with action sequences reminiscent of Rambo movies.
The pro for this movie is that it is exactly what it sets out to be. It is an action movie for those who remember why the cast were a big deal prior to the release of The Matrix. There are plenty of punches, gunshots and explosions solidifying the movie as the ultimate GUY’S MOVIE! In addition, the wittiness and clever use of Rambo, Chuck Norris and The Terminator puns were an excellent addition. The con of the movie lies in its cast. Seriously!? I don’t care how well trained they are, these men are geriatrics! There is NO way any of them are capable of some of the things we see in this movie. But without a doubt, I declare that the fist fights in this movie are what I expected from Bane in The Dark Knight Rises. Without a doubt, Expendables 2 is a movie recommendation for guys on a Boy’s Night Out. But for the ladies, maybe staring into Liam Hemsworth’s big blues will suffice. He REALLY IS like a puppy in this movie.


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