Thursday, August 9, 2012


 What could you tell by the looks of the bugger above ? Ugly right ? The burger portrays furious ,vengeance  and much ego , To whom maybe ?? I would definitely say you ,yes you..Human...
You might be wondering why a piece of burger would have much disgust on you,Its your habit of food disposal ,why would you waste so much food while there people who are less fortunate ,people who suffer because they don't even get the so called breakfast .
Do you think am fibbing ?then get to watch Spy Kids 4 and see how the silly Kid bathes flakes all over him ...You can defend the boy by saying the script demanded him to do so ,but its totally insane..why would the director insist on such scene..
I keep on saying this , i consume much of TV  ,so i get to put my critic mind in all that i see ,i have seen many of food waste on TV ..i remember watching The Kardashian , Ice Loves Coco ,Prunked and Disaster all this reality shows i see people waste food..why not visit Somalia and see how Mothers and Kids would love to act on the Shows ,cause am sure they will concentrate on eating the food that you would want to waste and forget acting.
look at the above child suffering because there is no food ,you people tend to forget yourselves and you just go behind your houses and throw food in the bin , live changes in a snap of flash light , do you think the Somalis wished to live that way ? HELL NO ..they all wanted to eat the Chickens ,the french Fries , the Hotdogs and every good food..
This is to all of us , Lets try to fight this ongoing habit ,lets stop wasting food ,no matter how small you will throw be pretty sure to be haunted by the food monster..STOP....STOP...WASTING FOOD>>>

By Issah QM Msongo..


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