Wednesday, August 29, 2012


Am well known of managing different brands in East Africa ,expertise in Marketing field .I have tried using various methods to reach my marketing goals and as far i have reached cant complain my clients are well aware of what i do and my boss appreciates.
what scares me is i have a new method that i think it will sell everything that i will market in a speed of light ,but how do i present it at my boss table.Will he think am a retard or this time he might conclude i am on drugs especially the bubbly leaf.
Ok let me talk about my new method but please don't say Issah QM Msongo is now a pervert but its my way of thinking,i have used various strategies to promote the product on market ,they have worked but i still need the one that will make a sell at a speed of light.
I buy cheese at the market and it has a cows picture , i buy a soap it has some funny Alovera leaves , I buy a t-shirt it has various writings.Then i visit a cloth line shop and i find a t-shirt that has a naked girl on it ,i ask the seller he tells me he bought a stock of 25 t shirts the other day and today only one piece remains...Aaannhhaa i hope you have got what am trying to say.
What if i use a naked girl to promote a drink? am quite sure it will sell and quite sure to all type of man,one would want to drink while watching a naked girl on the bottle.And for the ladies a drink that will have label of a sexy looking man with 6 packs.
I know how you feel right now ,you might be saying ohh yeah his right or this stupid idiot.It disturbs really..let me try sharing it with my boss and see how retard he is going to see me..

She is marketing pasta,how well are men going to eat them?you can imagine before thinking am pervert.

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