Sunday, August 12, 2012

Which Position Should Usain Bolt Play In Soccer

What position in the field can we put this superhuman who keeps expressing his love for soccer. He is offcourse the fastest man the world has ever seen and according to MIT engineers who saw him as a science phenomenon believe the secret to his speed lies in his Height and Strength. So now we have height and strength as his main attributes, this makes him similar to Ronaldo. But still where in the field can we put him? should he be used as a winger,can he really cross and dribble? or we should have him as a cetre forward.

Since he is a showman the striking position will likely suit him, fans will definately be happy to see him score and do his trademark celebration. If he has any skill whatsoever ( meaning he can trap and accurately shoot a ball past a keeper) then he'd be a great substitution in soccer. There is no offside trap that can stop him because he can be level with a defender....and beat anyone...especially slow the through ball...if he can also beat keepers consistently, he'd prove himself. Imagine him as a sub in the 80th minute. The defense is tired and a team sends in the fastest man in the world.

But, i highly doubt he has the finesse or soft touch needed to consistently play well in the EPL or any other league.. All he could really do is make long diagonal runs to open up space for the attack, or try to break through the defense on through balls. I don't see how he can worry this much about training to be the fastest man in the world for 2 olympics straight, and still have the skill needed with a ball to be successful



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