Tuesday, August 7, 2012

POWER OF MEDITATION (what meditation has made me to become)

Its among the things i love doing ,past days i would laugh seeing people doing it .I really never got the concept why people were doing it ? In my home town very few people would Meditate .
I only used to see the power of meditation through movies ,especially Chinese movies ,where the starring would recall the past events and later he stands and kick some enemies butts.
Past few days i tried meditating ,in mind i would pretend like Mr.Miyagi trying to recall various stuff in my room ..you wouldn't believe how successful meditating can be..

 Am not a Meditation Teacher , am just Msongo ,today i just want you to know how meditation can be very important in our lives . Before anything in the morning i meditate for 30 minutes ,i do this because i have noticed some benefits that i can attribute ,if i dedicate much time on this am sure i would get far more benefits.
Get to know the benefits i didn't expect from meditating.
  • The ability to kill Phobia.
I was shy and scared sometimes ,In our Media office am the only young dude among all ,you can imagine how other workers bully me in a way ,how they would throw the files to me and pretend there sick they have to go home ,but to notice everyone rushing to have couple of beers at Bondeni Bar. I said i do not want to fear anybody ,so after i started meditating i got the power in me the power that made me Phobia less ,i would neglect every silly bullishness .I would walk and work comfortable like Peter Maguire .
  • Ability to do Boring stuff
Why lie ? Meditating is boring stuff ,one would sit down for 30 minutes just trying to imagine and recall ,but i read this from a fellow writer that "Ability to do boring stuff is a key to success " You can imagine.Am now used of boring stuff ,so no matter what is going to bore in the middle of the day it cant destroy my mood,Thanks to meditation.
  • Ability to let go thoughts i don't need
Meditation is a practice in which an individual trains the mind and/or induces a mode of consciousness to realize some benefit, although it can be argued meditation is a goal in and of itself.
 That is the definition ,i remember when my Girlfriend dumped me ,it was so difficult focusing ,some thoughts would pop up in a middle of no where ,but surely now if anything would come across my head i would vacate it by using the power of meditation.
  • Ability to be Physical fit
In meditating one can decide the time he/she wants to meditate ,i use half an hour daily,this is quit an exercise ,folding my legs and sitting still for half an hour is something few can do. I exercise my entire body while meditating and make my brain sharp.
  • Built up Thinking Capacity
 Meditation builds ones thinking capacity , Doing this from time to time i have noticed how sharp my mind can be .I am a words man so before saying anything to any one i would filter my word and come up with great wise words that after speaking in a meeting maybe i would get several hand claps and hugs.
Am sure after this article you would want to try ,you might find it boring but that doesn't mean you should stop, Do this ,start from small ,use at least 10 minutes for a start and later you can go further.
Before listening to the above clip take an earpiece and plug it in ,then play the clip while you close your eyes and be free ,and forget yourself and try to concentrate .

Issah Q.Msongo:All the above benefits have helped me a lot ,i didn't expect how successful they could make me. Try and you wont regret.

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  1. Nothing could be further from the truth. Take 10 minutes every morning: before you get out of bed, in the shower, etc. to practice this meditation. The results are amazing.

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