Sunday, August 26, 2012


I really never knew him,but all i used to hear is his famous name Matonya ,i was touched by his death..I hate sarcastic people and this is what i think was going on.
Matonya was an old man that used to sit beside the road and beg for help,He was and still the most famous Beggar in Tanzania,every one knew him at some point , the government used to talk of him.He used to make 50,000 /100,000/= Tshs ($95) per month begging .He started begging since 1961,He used to take begging as his job,he said unless the Government build a house for him and provide him with daily food that's when he can quit.May his soul rest in Peace.

The Late Matonya (Died 24th /8/2012)
Where my Critics Begin.
During the weekend as usual i had a stroll down the town to have that view of the world because am scared that am being a laptoholic ,so i thought of the beautiful walk .
As i pass almost every bus stage i see different newspapers with headings that would attract anybody,but as i try to peep through a strong crowd and have a clear view on the newspaper that's when i noticed every newspaper had Matonya's image followed with sorrow words.
Matonya was well known isn't it? In my point of view people used to make money behind his stories ,reporters would do an interview and the next morning it will be aired ,they get paid matonya gets nothing,he goes back to the road to ask for help.
Today the government representatives are feeling sorry because Matonya died ,while he was alive no body ever thought of building a house for this man ,all they used to do is talk and talk ,shame it can be i tell you.
Matonya's Children standing next to their fathers grave.
Friends and relatives that attended the funeral
Please even the the funeral?Could have it been so much even in supporting it ? What could have it taken ? You were all busy writing on papers,and all pretending you loved him ppssshh how sarcastic you can be. 


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