Tuesday, August 28, 2012


Hahahahah i love the above image,i always annoy my sister when i show it to her,she is a pain i tell you,she owns a iphone that makes her go around bragging much ,i own my Android .
If i were to ask most of you between apple and Android what do you prefer most of you would answer that bitten apple.
I so far don't hate Apple products ,but i think the late nerd  was selfish at some point ,(if only you have used apple you can understand).
Last week as i was watching news , i heard this two enemies haven't finished their case ,they are still at court trying to find justice,well android is fast ,apple scratched his head for four years to come up with a tab and there goes android with galaxy tab in three month if am not wrong.

Looolll..i tell you Android can be selfish,why hammer that fancy looking glass apple ? i would like to explain to you why i love Android?
  • Fancy graphics
  • Most android phones allow you to tweak the display capabilities so much that sending a text message becomes a thrilling experience.
  • android phones have a very pretty graphical user interface (display).
  • android phones have faster processing speeds which, for the user, means less time wasted turning your “frozen” phone on and off.
  •  Good at internet and the WI-Fi is the best
  •  Basically its the best comparing to other phones
Androids big problem to my point of view is the battery  storage ,it can be poor and its because it consumes much power.
I don't mean to convince you to get an Android but in my point of view you should have one.


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