Tuesday, November 27, 2012


Am getting irritated with manners of my sisters these days,few months back i posted an article on how women can be complicated and confusing,the fact that they use an hour on the mirror irritates a lot of my drinking mates.
Today while i was in a public bus i saw something so confusing ,and trust me attractive too,and this issue isn't the first am seeing ,i have seen quite the same scenarios.
My eyes have no curtains,and surely you cant block them since you didn't place them,ok let me set the scenes for you,as the bus stopped boarded an aesthetically appealing lady,her scent of smell was expensive i tell you she was wearing those Victoria Secrets smell,the cat walk was so professional like Meagan Good's ...i could barely stop staring at her though i knew starring is the rudest thing ever.
Her beauty was an epoch but something came in between ,she was dressed into a mini skirt and breast lifting top or in other words me and my lads call them "boobies hangers",seriously i had much questions ,"why dress like that in the afternoon,she looked too prepared ..As i was enjoying her beautiful essence it got too much that it was acerbic .
don't judge me for starring since i wasn't the only one,next to me sat an old grandpa age ranging 90's ,the old papichulo couldn't stop starring too,but soon as he aghast the lady noticed and she never liked the fact that the old man was starring so she took her purse and covered her thighs ,i almost did slap the old man since it was the end of me enjoying the aghast.
The lady as she reaches her destination she uses abusive words towards the old man,telling him how starring is rude ,but wait a minute,how is starring rude while you want me to stare ? why dress like Lucifer's model and tell me to close my eyes,i don't find the sense in that ,you hang your boobies like a female chimpanzee in a zoo and yet you abuse an innocent old man who thought the starring was a pleasure to him.
I don't blame on how you dress my sisters , in fact i am a big fan ,but a word of advice is wear the outfits in a conducive environment ,for God sake not in a public bus , i don't mind a mini short ,actually its far a sexy style but not a mini skirt and further more it also makes you not comfortable ,covering yourself with a purse...


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