Friday, August 3, 2012

Life is a Neverending Episode of Roadrunner

Albert Einstein once said that the only thing separating madness and genius is a degree of success.
I would say I am very successful at being mad but people call me a genius, which I find to be an indication of their own madness.
Introspection is a dangerous thing. It calls for people to look into their own minds and hearts in a hope to uncover truths about themselves. It is doubly dangerous for me because I end up enjoying it too much and forget to come back to reality.
The reason for this is that whenever I separate myself from everyone, find a nice spot to sit down and take a good look at myself all I see are old Roadrunner reruns.

What is the meaning of life?
I will tell you, the roadrunner writers got it down perfect. Think about it, this show is about a genius Coyote who creates elaborate schemes to capture something which has no idea it is even in danger.
On average, most people spend up to sixteen years in school (and above that just to show off) to be ranked "smart enough" to take life on. But life is like a roadrunner, it has NO idea it is being chased. In fact, I am of the opinion that life itself is actually alive like the speedster bird and as we use our elaborate eduction to try and sieze it, it sticks a tongue out and dashes off.
The harder we try, the faster it runs.

Go with the flow.
A life philosophy is something special. It has to be deep, emotional and mean something to the person who has chosen to live according to it. Some people pick bible verses, some people look ancient philosophers, and other people look to their mentors. I have chosen to listen to a cartoon turtle in a 3d movie.

Crush the Turtle once said, "Dude.... Dude.... focus dude....."

Now the most important lesson you will EVER learn about life can be gotten from this very wise, very old and very stoned turtle. The message is this, Go with the flow, you never really know when you're ready, but when you know, you know. So until then, chill out and ride the current.

As an added bonus start referring to everyone as "Duuuuuuude". Bosses, spouses, priests, police, I mean EVERYONE.

However, in order to stay in context of metaphors, lets talk about road runner. I want you to grab a beach chair, sit down, lay back and do your best work (I use a laptop a lot, figure it out for yourself if you don't), but stay chilled out. Eventually the road runner will run right up to you to see what you're doing. Then you can grab it by the throat and make something only Kenchick would be proud of (Oh, shocker, like you ALL didn't know what would happen if the coyote actually caught the roadrunner).


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