Wednesday, August 8, 2012


‘Kijana’ as how is pronounced in Kiswahili and used to describe a youth, as many would have grouped a person from teenage to an age before getting married. It is of no doubt that youth have played greater role to a lot of changes that is the product of this era. From scientific innovations, economics to political revolutions you just mention, all of these have been achieved by a greater contribution from the youth wing.
But what or which Change do we refer exactly when addressing the issue of role played by different age groups in our society. “The change my dearest reader is the total transformation of an individual being or so mankind from deep beneath our flesh, from our inner world, the spirit and then conscious”. The change must come within us, in us for we are the skeleton of this system. We are the wheels of this structure. They depend on us in every means, our sweats and tears are what they eat, dress and walk. Youth are the blueprint towards every major development so far as history testifies.
The fathers of Africa who were on the front line fighting the System were not only brave but courageous youth. Courage to speak and to act, Indeed their bloodshed will not be forgotten and will not go in vain for they will always be remembered because history will speak on itself. The turning point of Africa is first marked by an extraordinary African  Leader, teacher and King in history of all times, His Imperial Majesty Haile Selassie I, Emperor of Ethiopia who has played a greater role as the grand architecture of the Africa Union of today. The Emperor have shown a good example of being as courageous as any other being, He addressed the League of Nations in 1936 after the league being established in 1920 after the first world war then He addressed the United Nations in 1963 on many issues regarding the liberation of Africans from the colonial powers. On the issue of making a move towards change I quote Him saying that, “…We must speak out our major issues, courageously, openly and honestly, and in blunt terms of right and wrong…..” A wicked man will swallow his words and speak none for he fears the truth, the Truth that was hidden from us (for further reading concerning the TRUTH, read: The Stolen Legacy by George G.M. James). African youth must be awake we must be in the front line to win the battle, for there is war everywhere War against humanity. There are Political, Economic and Social clashes in all corners of the earth, the greatest question pauses on Africa, where will it be if the scrabble begins, if the European Union collapses, when new world order is enforced on us? Where will African be? What shall we stand for? I beg you today to open your inner eyes, to liberate yourself from mental slavery. We must be different than how we were before. We must be new in the eyes of God and fellow beings as His Majesty said that, ‘What we seek is a new and a different way of life. We search for a way of life in which all men will be treated as responsible human beings, able to participate fully in all matters of life.’
The Change took place in the movements for Africa Liberation which did not come cheaply or as easy as one might picture it, many have been done and many have been lost until this time and this day. The liberation of a African was not only a song sang by His Imperial Majesty but also many others that had even not step their feet in Africa like Malcolm X and Martin Luther King. At a greater extent in the diaspora Black movements where rooted by the most distinguished Marcus Garvey whom have played a vital role in creating Blackman awareness not only in the diaspora but also in Africa for their contribution which finally led freed us from colonial chains.
Extraordinary men like Mandela who has come from a ‘long way to freedom’, men who were optimist until final point, being tortured, humiliated and abused in every means by imprisonment and even assassination like how they did to our brother Patrice Lumumba in the Congo. Another critical question to ask is why did we move on? Why did we succeed to attain the so called Independence which I only termed it as flag independence?
Let me tell you, the sinews of Africa had been awaken far back in the imposition of Colonial rule, our ancestors the fathers of Africa reacted aggressively against the system, for many wars had been fought to remove the system, all the historic wars and events of time we read whether is of Chimurenga war of 1896- 1897, The Shaka Zulu wars, Maji Maji war of 1905- 1907, Mau Mau wars in Kenya and not leaving behind the western African movements to Liberate Africa that led to Ghana’s Independence. All of these had a spirit of African hood and the brotherhood we cherish as our pride, the solidarity to take up arms and fight our common foe.
That warrior spirit and that warrior blood of our forefathers are still in our veins, their courage and bravery is within us all. We can accomplish what they had started, that dream of One Africa, one people and one government. We should not give up the hope we have, for truly anything can be done by us, we only need to do it better for we have a chance they had not, a chance to be educated and acquire knowledge. Our knowledge and history of the past is the key that opens future doors. We should never forget the Long way we came from, where we are and to critically look where we are heading to.
There are two quotes that really moves me when I try to think deeply about them, one is by Mandela who said, “Everything seems impossible until it’s done” and the other is when Patrice Lumumba before he was assassinated he had mention in one of his speeches when he spoke about success he said, “There is no way to success, for success is truly the only way” from these you will swallow and to a sound mind will reasoning awake.
Let’s wake up youths of Africa, let’s be part of the change, Let us be in the front line. Let us rebel towards this system, the system of injustice, discrimination, embezzlement, corruption and all sorts of evil. Let us speak in one voice though a different language, let us speak as Africa and not as a tribe. I personally declare our Victory is near, we will not reward them evil with evil, we will take their arms and return them where they came from for our battle is sided with the God Almighty against them and we know we shall win for we are confident in the Victory of good over evil.

Prepared by: Oscar O. R. Mutaitina
LL.B Student at Catholic University of Eastern Africa, Nairobi.


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