Thursday, August 2, 2012


I have been watching the Olympics lately on ESPN  and NBC ,am not in London .My experience on watching this games since the 80 s and 90 s i have always loved the games but this time am confused ,perhaps not confused as my Dad is ,cause he experienced the 50s and 60s games.
The Olympics this year are full of dubious sports ,silly ceremonies and boring participants,it reminds me of the 50s and 60s recorded clips i have seen lately athletes were very competitive,aggressive and full of enthusiasm..where is the spirit ? i think more years coming the games will be terribly boring.

Is beach volleyball really a sport?i have nothing against beach volleyball, It receives inordinate attention on NBC because men like it, praying no doubt that the training bra the competitors wear will fall off and breasts suddenly assume that sexy sandy look. It receives high ratings, but so does that weird show in which celebrities like Howard Stern and Howie Mandel hit a big button.
i hate it how other nations treat the Chinese competitors ,is it cause they are badly scooping the medals that's why you say they use drugs??   That is so silly ..
The thing I like best about the Olympics is the sheer joy of those who win regardless of the country or origin. It does celebrate the result of tortuous work and relentless discipline, except for the Chinese, who when they win give off the vibe that they did not win enough and therefore are about to be imprisoned for sedition. The Australians particularly tickle me, perhaps after I read about the Aussie who decided to place some firecrackers in his butt cheeks and light them to see what it might feel like.
I mean the games are not a bust ,they are not attractive ,i have been waiting for this games anxiously but look what its turning my mood to a waste..Athletes need to wake up and give us the fun,like Hussein Bolt ,his nailing it ..
ppssshh the diving ,i watch Thomas Daley diving 10m platform ..i and my Lads don't like this diving issue ,its titled a sport really??
vintage-olympic-photos-7      vintage-olympic-photos-5  
              i would prefer the 50s to 80s games than the today's,too fake and predicted .


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