Thursday, August 23, 2012


Fashion to me is a time traveler watch that changed lady gaga into wearing meat as cloth,when i look around the fashion industry i can see a lot , i can see the good and the bad of the industry especially in the country that am living in.Today i will reveal the good an the bad about this industry on my tomorrows article but before i do so i would like to shear a conversation that i had with a young upcoming model called Patrick Mathew.

Msongo: Hi Pat ,tell us more about you?
Pat: born in a simple middle family where we were taught to love everyone and respect,no matter how big or small.Am a man of my instincts and following them have always made a success.

Msongo: Got hobbies?
Pat: Yes Q , like movies , as you see am athletic this is all because of Basketball and  i can waste much time watching the Fashion Channels.

Msongo: why do you love modeling?
Pat:First i like modeling it is in my blood i like to do fashion shows and also am a fashionista but although am up becoming a supermodel but one am sure i will be known over many countries in Africa and abroad.

Msongo: got role models?
Pat:My role model is Justin Timberlake because he is  a fashion designer and also doing modeling and in Tanzania is Martin kadinda a Tanzania designer, speaking of my home town Arusha i would say you,Issah QM Msongo a fashion icon and a hard working guy i have ever met.

Msongo:Where do you see yourself in coming years ?
Pat:I would  brag and say after 5 years forget all fashion designers in Tanzania,no Ali Rhemtulla ,Mustafa Hassanali or Martin Kadinda .

Msongo:If you were told to give much thanks to people who helped you reach where you are right now who would you thank?
Pat:Surely my Gratitude will get back to you , you dressed me and made me wear among of your brands last year ,its like you introduced me to everything. Issah QM Msongo i really appreciate brother ,you opened them doors for me ,without forgetting Hannifa and Peace..You guys inspire me a lot.



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