Tuesday, August 28, 2012


God created things on purpose,am quit sure about that,he created a woman and gave her all that was possible to make her complete,i respect all women ,doesn't matter she is a retard or a prostitute because i know what they are capable of.I tell you women are the strongest things i have seen on earth,i don't mean muscular .
Every man you see roaming around or successful in some kind came from a women,i don't think on earth lives a person who was just thrown from the sky,if there is please wake me up.
The all point of me scribbling this article is the disgust i have for my fellow men that are well known of raising their hands to hit a woman.

What do you teach your Children?to hit their mothers? I know how women can be annoying at times but why conclude with a punch ?
Today as i board a public bus ,i see a women with a swollen eye,i couldn't take it so i had to ask what happened,it took much time for her to answer me but as she was almost at her destination she tells me the husband made her eye swell,it touched me i tell you ,why would one use a fellow human being as a punching bag.
I am 2 decade young man,not in marriage already ,i have tried to talk to some few  people that i know are in marriage and shame on the answers they gave me,some tell me "you are too young to know anything", "Grow up and see" who cares me being young .The thing is why box a woman,they are lovely people created by God despite  their few problems.
If you are a women reading this article and you know out their there is that bully  hitting you take actions ,report the bully or boil that hot porridge just like Madea said and pour it to the bully ,trust me he will never ever lay his hands on you.
And for man who beat their wife's its high time you all stop,it going to be a vice versa now just like Kenyan woman who box their husbands. Watch out.


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