Friday, August 24, 2012


Nobody knows it better ,it can drown your sorrow ,make you feel useless and lost ,surely none can be a commando on this ,whether you are muscular like Rambo or skinny like smokey its so hard to know it.Even the big pretenders on TV screens loose their flamboyance on this.L.O.V.E.
Yes love,i know how pervert you can get when seeing the word love..
If we were able to question love that how many times have you made people cry ? am sure it would answer uncountable. How many times have you made people commit suicide ?it will say as we are speaking one is committing suicide.
perhaps i would ask myself again WHAT IS LOVE ? maybe the meaning should be changed to a feeling that makes you cry and commit suicide.
I don't know about you but surely it has done me bad at some point.Yesterday our drinking lads turned down all other topics and started recalling their Heartbroken scenes ,that told me how drunk they were since they were so emotional and busy cuddling their bottles while crying.
Its hard to plan for who you will share the rest of your life with now days especially when you have only lived for two decades like me.
I hate to watch soaps because i think they are all made to give us hope , Eminem decided to ask What is Love? thats the same question i have.
Am tired of seeing people crying,my work colleague she has been crying since last week ,it hurts because she cant even talk to me, she says you man are pigs,i asked her back if we are pigs then what are you ladies warthogs or??
I might have a solution to every gender here , I think love exists ,but the problem is can you really search for it and grab it,all i know a lot of people are busy grabbing bubbles and thinking its love ,well that's LUST..when it comes to relationships people get desperate and that is the biggest problem i say.  We all think of our desires and not the love..

Crying in the rain will never help,but it will just add more water to the ground.  

By: Issah QM Msongo.


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