Monday, August 20, 2012

The Way Of The "Sharobaro"

From what i know, Sharobaro is supposed to be a super handsome guy who always dresses to kill (that's with a lot of colors and accessories, more like the New Boyz.) And you must be a professional in dancing Kiduku(more like Jerking) and off course you must have a Kiduku (Mohawk) haircut as well, to fully qualify as a Sharobaro.
 I wonder what was going on in Mr Chocolate's mind because this subculture is more like the Hippies movement in the west. This Sharobaro movement is driven with love for beautiful women and listening to love songs. Unlike the Hippies, Sharobaro's don't embrace deviant activities as such.

  I think this subculture should be embraced because to me its more like a social phenomenon. Sociologists need to study this trend, because the whole nation is under Sharobaro fever. With time i will be a able to reveal more about this Sharobaro movement from a Sharobaro perspective.

               BOB JUNIOR, Leader Of The Movement


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