Saturday, August 11, 2012


I say am not a love guru neither a  love machine but when it comes to supporting people and friends Msongo becomes fiercest defender, I open my email today morning and i surely get surprised to find an innocent viewer in need of help . In respect she asked me to post this email in order to get your help and mine too.

Dear Msongo,
I don't mean to bother a dedicated group of viewers you have , but i really need some advice from you and the viewers , I follow your blog from Nairobi though am a Tanzanian , I love your articles so much , please publish this email of mine and don't be stingy coz you have ignored few of them before.
Am really in love with a guy that i school with , the guy has been my friend for a long time and he is dating this loser that doesn't even care about him ,she has cheated him a lot but the guy wouldn't understand and that is the most part that hurts, i surely don t know what to do ? i have asked help from almost every close person i have and they all don't give me the right answer..What should i do?

Msongo : oh my .. thank you for trusting me that i could help ,i have  put myself under your shoes and i can imagine how much it hurts Jasmin .. I dont mean to become Will Smith ( Hitch ) but what i can advice is talk to the guy and express how much you love him , by doing so you will even help him from the biggest loser that you complain of..

To All  : Send your comments to help Jasmin they might be very helpful..


  1. Ooooh Sorry Jasmin!!!! Slow down.... Prepare yourself to recognize his feeling and weakness, then work on it. After all talk to the guy and express your feeling, by doing so you Might be helpful..... All the best......!!!

  2. Jasmin ignore th losers, hve room 4 change in ur heart.there many good guys 4 u out there..haha, starting with me