Wednesday, August 8, 2012

One day In Lusaka

 How corrupt can we get as an african nations.Is there any real need of the poor to pay taxes if the rich can avoid paying without any problems and also benefit from the poor man's taxes
 The landlocked state of copper richness isn't any different from other corrupt states in Africa. The Asian traders have managed to be the cetre of trading there. They definately live like kingpins.
 A container full of second hand clothings & shoes comes directly from the port of their neighbour country. The T1 document looks overly suspicious, the authorities at the checkpoints can't understand,their knowledge is limited to that small Kwacha they will get after going through the document.
 The goods get in the city cetre, the agents start fretting and making phone calls asking for "positions". They hid the goods in their safe houses. Next day they unload the goods without any awareness from the customs authority. Super double profits comes after. Everyone involved benefits including some officials who are vital in  pulling this strings
  The local citizens end up unpacking and getting that small amount to see the day go by. They remain the minority in their own land. What puzzles me is that some enjoy that status. Mental slavery gets bigger as a concept everyday


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