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I can say , accidents in Tanzania a really saddening , it doesn't matter what is used , might be a bicycle ,Verossa ,Motorbike or even Boats.Every time i switch on the national TV, news bulletin would say there was an accident somewhere..Reaching the time where i would think twice before using any means of transport.But these accidents happen and we must find ways to deal with them all.
i have never witnessed an accident before but this time i get to see one and it happens in a speed of light , people gather around to help and others get rich suddenly securing wallets , phones ,car radios and any fancy thing they come across.. They ignore the sounds of pain the victims produce..Anyway thats not the whole point of this article..
Scribbling down this took me some guts because staring at the poor victims in the picture below would make one cry or puke to say ,but what to do.

                                        I know you could barely watch the photo.
What do you think this accidents are caused by ? look at the below images and clearly you can get the answers.

Aya sasa..what would you say from the above photo..
Just watching the news this morning this is what i hear ,At least thirteen Kenyan nationals were confirmed killed after a brutal road accident in eastern Tanzania, local authorities said Friday.
The accident occurred early Friday morning at a bridge near Tanga, Tanzania and involved two buses carrying a large group of women from Kenya's Presbyterian Church of East Africa (PCEA) Landless parish in Thika.
The women were traveling into the neighboring country for a mission, when one of the buses lost control and steered off the road. The second bus stopped to help, but it was hit from behind by a cargo truck believed to have been speeding. The bus reportedly landed on the group trying help, Capital FM reported.
It was uncertain whether the fatal victims were from the one or both of the buses. In addition to the 13 deaths, at least 40 other women were reported injured. Authorities are fearing an increase in the death toll since there were several people trapped under the bus.
In total, some 84 members of the PCEA were traveling toward Dar-es-Salaam and then Zanzibar for a mission. Kenyan President Mwai Kibaki ordered ground and air military assistance to evacuate the victims from the scene and receive medical transport in their native country.
whether you agree with me or not ,on my point of view the following are most ways accidents are caused in my country (Tanzania).
Look at the fool taking a risk of overtaking on such a situation.
  • So one way is Dangerous overtakes
mmmh now this is silly who says we have two drivers.
  • Overloading of the Vehicle.
ok now look how this truck is worn out 
  • Worn out vehicles can cause serious accidents.
Mmmh we sure have tarmac roads
  • Bad /rough tarmac roads
We sure have traffic lights but how many are working seriously?
  • lack of functioning traffic lights.
You can see me..
  • Smoke and Dust from the cars and the dirty roads can cause accidents too.
Leta chapaa..
  • Corruption
oohh cant see them road signs
  • Lack of road signs..

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