Saturday, August 18, 2012


Am well known of my habit of criticizing on what i don't like , i write to what i feel is lame and what i think can be changed . I visit my barber mostly on every weekend ,the thing i like my barber is that he can well cut and trim my hair but another good thing about him is that he is full of stories ,every time i visit him i have to hear a new one..This time he tells me a story that vibrates my nerves that i wouldn't want to miss writing it. 
Party animal he is , he wouldn't care which time or date he would definitely go raving , at around midnight he goes to a nearby club where he meets his lads ,they have fun and drink up the beautiful serengeti beers that quench their thirst ,but they still think something is missing , Beautiful flowers
 ( Ladies) .Each one goes hunting and successful they find themselves exquisite mamas ,which isn't bad for any young man .
After some period everyone departed to different places ,without noticing one of their lads was drugged by a shameless girl ,at first nobody noticed that he was drugged ,they all knew he was drunk ,teasing him funny words like (boya) floater.So they all left leaving him with this evil girl.
Nobody heard from the guy next morning and the next morning,After few days they get a phone call from a local hotel by town that their friend was found murdered..jeezz..shocking right?
After some few investigation it was noticed that the girl that was busy wobbling her waist against this handsome and wealthy dude murdered him,she managed to drug the dude then take him to a local lodge where she sexed the innocent man unwillingly then slashed his throat with a pen knife and stole a Tanzanite worthy  $1000 that the  guy was carrying plus a Blackberry Torch ,Gold chain and  a wallet which probably it had some amount.
Shame on this cheap prostitute ,thinking mans life is worthy the tanzanite ,hoping  $1000 is a life changing,wait until she gets haunted. 
This short true story is to everyone out there who would go clubbing and forget themselves that there millions of strangers starring at her wobbling or him breaking.A habit that i also have leave a drink and go to the latrine ..never know who will drug your drink so this article let it be a lesson to everyone out there.


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