Sunday, August 19, 2012

Alex Song: Busquets Backup

No matter how much we have learned to hate him over the years, Sergio Busquets always finds a way to put on the bench one of the best Defensive Midfielders in the world.  From Yaya Toure, who Barca had to sell just because he couldn't start over Sergio. Mascherano who failed to overthrow the kid and became his student, and finally settled for central defense. All the way to Keita who had to watch and admire from the bench. And now we have Alex Song brought in to put in a challenge for that central role. So if he fails, then Busquets will have stamp his status as among the best DM to ever play the game. And maybe we will have a busquets' role
Sergio Busquets - Spain v Italy - UEFA EURO 2012 Final
 He rarely ever gives up the ball, even when playing under heavy pressure. He can play and pass with both feet. He is quick, mobile and has exceptional positioning. His decision making is as good as a player a decade his senior. He has stamina, and never stops working for his teammates. He intercepts more passes than anyone. He has everything you want for a player in his position. He has won every major trophy in the world. And my personal man of the match in 2010 world cup final.


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