Thursday, August 23, 2012


Apart from watching "ice loves' coco or "made" i usually check what my local TV station has,we have seen different useless reality shows ,which for sure they don't carry any importance ,if you are a good follower you can remember my critic mind on a reality show called Big Brother , which end of the day i got several emails complaining that i was being a hater and some congratulating me.
It was like a joke , i thought they were all playing with our minds ,who would start a reality show that only has Grandmas ,Living in a building for almost 28 days showing their characters.It all started in June 15th ,where 15 Granny's entered the house ,with the help of the TV host Babuu wa Kitaa.
i was luckily to hear the founder of the BIBI BOMBA show say , there about 15 participants and the winner will get a chance to win 10 million Tshs and her house will be renovated by the cost of 5 million.
I can tell you how much i enjoyed this show ,i couldn't miss a day,watching bibis doing their best in the house it all reminded me of my Grandmother.
Some of us haven't seen a lot our grandmothers are capable of ,in this reality show i was able to see the following from our grandma's .
  • Capability of Dancing and clubbing (who would think a grandma can break dance)
  • Capability of speaking English (about 12 participants knew swahili and their mother toungue English was a big problem)
  • Capability of answering questions (if you recall one of the grandmas said Facebook was red in color)
  • Swimming (hahahahaah they can swim.
But in everything we must have a winner ,and after all those days watching the bibi of my suggestion won,yesterday was a happy day where almost every Tanzanian was eagerly waiting for Clouds Media Group to announce the Final winner of the Bibi Bomba .
Veronica Mpangala Tukinao  

Bibi Veronica Tukinao won the Bibi Bomba Competition returning home with 5 million in hand and 5 million to renovate her house that she used to complain when rain falls she cant sleep.Trust me she was the best contestant , a record breaker in votes having about 3000 votes while others ranged on the 100's.
Below are some images where all bibi's were having fun...


In personally would like to congratulate the Clouds Media group for such an event,why lie in my entire life ,two decades of living i have never had of such a show,Grandmas in a reality show competing ,this is new..Cant wait for the next season.


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