Monday, March 19, 2012

Some Students From Africa Prostitute Themselves in Malaysia!

Dressed sexily and scantily, these African women, most of whom claiming to be students studying at international colleges here, are openly approaching customers at these watering holes.
However, their preference is Caucasians with locals being last on their list.
They charge anything between RM200 for a single session and RM600 for an all night session at any hotel.
These women carry glamour names like Glory, Sophea, Steffie, Joey, Sarfee, Prescia, Noami or Jim,
They are aged between 20 and 30 and claim to be from Ghana, Tanzania, Togo, Cameroon, Botswana and Nigeria.
A check by StarMetro found that they were bold in approaching customers.
Once both parties agree on the rate they would get into one of many waiting taxis outside the entertainment outlet to get to a hotel.
Almost every single one of these women have a photocopy of their passports as well as letters purportedly issued from the international colleges where they are studying.
Nigerian student Linda, 20, (not her real name) said she had no choice but to ply the flesh trade to pay her fees of about RM6,000 a year.
“My family suddenly told me they are having financial problems back home and cannot afford to support me.
“I cannot work in any sector here as I have yet to complete my studies and I need the money for house rental and fees,” she said.
Linda, said she came to Malaysia together with several friends who had to sell their bodies to pay for their three-year course.
They plied their trade at a popular entertainment outlet in Jalan P. Ramlee.
Some of them are said to make RM800 to RM1,000 a night.
“It is not that we want to get involved in such a trade but we have no choice.
“Anyway I don’t do it every day or hang out at these entertainment outlets daily.
“I have to study, too, otherwise I will have to go home empty-handed and without a diploma,” added Linda,
A 23-year-old private college student, who wanted to be known only as Sandra, said she was forced into the sex trade because she did not want to burden her family back home in Ghana.
Sandra, who came here about six months ago to pursue a degree in engineering, added that a few African girls introduced her to the trade as a way to earn money to pay her college fees.
“It’s the easiest and least time-consuming job. I have enough time to go home and study after I’m done,” she said.
StarMetro team found out for themselves how these African women ply their trade at Jalan P.Ramlee.
They were approached by two African woman who were “dressed to kill”.
The women daringly cuddled up to them and started chatting.
The two women told the reporters they could make them “happy and experience something out of this world”.
They said it would cost the reporters between RM200 and RM400 for an “out of this world” experience.
These women know most of the budget hotel in the area as well as the rates charged per hour.
They will even offer massage services as an added service.
Our reporters decided to find out more about their activities and offered to buy them drinks at a well-known outlet.
Upon entering the premises, these women would start looking for potential customers.
They moved around by dancing sexily and gyrating in front of their targeted man before hooking up a conversation.
When there were no response they went back to the reporters and repeated their offer.
The girls spoke fluent English and seemed comfortable with everyone present.
They would be willing to negotiate.
“You tell me how much you are willing to pay and I can guarantee you that my service will be good,’’ said a Ghanaian who claimed to be a college student doing a business programme.
Another girl from Cameroon even invited one of the reporters to her residence in Selayang and offered massage services along with sex.
She promised “a lot of fun and satisfactory service” for the money offered.
“I have been here only for two months and you would enjoy my company,’’ she said.
A 22-year-old girl, claiming to be from Tanzania, said she was studying English in a college in the city and was not a regular patron at the club.
“I do not come here every day but only when I needed some extra money and company,’’ she added.


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  2. Please don't say fuck about my country TOGO; togolese don't go to mlaysia and give any fuck about asian countries; Togolese are law abiding people and have a good reputation in World immigration Service; don't say shit please dumb racist guy FOOL

    1. Fuck say that togolese dont give fuck about adian countries makes u racist yourself and its true most 3rd world women prostitute themselves to first world countries and its not only western countries with the money..Asia has super economies too...

    2. It was meant to be asian countries..I am not malaysian but its fact and whats wrong with ppl telling fact about women from 3rd world countries and the shit they get up to..and i m not doesnt mean u r black u r inferior...its only third world women that do this that are the concern here and most of africa is not developed therefore the women do shit like this...nothing to do with togolose or any other african people....

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