Friday, February 8, 2013


It is well known as Geneva of Africa,a beautiful town with chilly weather,good people and millions of places to visit,Arusha Region is a global tourist destination and is the center of the northern Tanzania safari circuit.Arusha is one of Tanzania's 30 administrative regions.
I have quite lived in this city for a long time and there places that i had love for,and i always wanted to hear stories and visit them,among the places that you could ask any person from Arusha and directly he will have million stories for it is "unga limited" ..Yes! the slum area ..

unga limited is a slum area located in Arusha,the name of this area was originated from one of the biggest wheat flour  industry that is located at this area.

Unga limited is a packed and dirty mix of little tracks and shacks, where sewage water flows close to pedestrians and playing children. There is no open space to build schools but also new latrines.  The old pit latrines are full and  are  responsible for the  many diseases affecting the area one of them being  cholera.
It is almost  impossible for any vehicle to pass through, so that neither a fire-truck nor an ambulance can come for an emergency. Someone who falls sick has to walk a  long distance  before reaching health facilities. Furthermore, the close-by wooden and temporary houses surrounded by dangerous electrical lines are subject to regular fires that inhabitants have to extinguish running with buckets of water. There have already been two fires in the last six months.

There are several tribes and religions mixed here peacefully, giving an example to many places in the world. But some people also drink to forget their poor condition and others become burglars at night.

Not every youth in unga limited wants to be a burglar or drunkard ,some of them have always hated the fact that the government cant even build roads for them and also some would never want to shift from this places ,they are so proud of where they come from,We have heard their presence in songs.

In Unga limited not only Violence is present but we also have young rappers with a lot of eager and enthusiasm,some of this rappers have managed to reach there goals by doing good music and they managed to invent a dancing style well known as "Ngaleloo"
Violence is daily thing at Unga limited,at least everyday you will get to hear something has happened ,just few days back while i was listening to the local station i heard a man was killed on spot because he claimed justice. Mussa is a member of one of the famous slum clan known as "Mabeto" meaning Knives,screw drivers,razors and many other equipments they use for robbery, he says they own the slums,if any one walks down the streets in the evening and they suspect he might be loaded with worthy stuffs all they do is attack the person,if he acts rude they have no option rather than stubbing them,Mussa isn't afraid of being behind bars,he says he has been in prison for more than seven times.

Unga limited political views are so bias ,almost 75% of people living in this slums support the opposition party "CHADEMA",they would rather do anything for their political party,there also the main people that were involved in a boycott that lead to properties damage few years back.If you really want to know how they love the so called "CHADEMA" famously known as peoples party just try visiting on eof their gatherings at the NMC grounds Arusha.

 I think Unga Limited should now get serious government help,the Government has always been preaching about helping the slum areas but nothing has yet been done,However,  the majority are "ready to change" but the Government lets them down,they would rather stay at corners and rob so that they could see another day,our mothers would rather sell chicken heads and dog ligaments soup since thats all they can afford..let politics stop and help is needed here,the citizens also worry if the projects start will they be compensated would be compensated adequately if their houses are  demolished and land taken for upgrading. About 90% of the area’s residents are renters who, according to the law, do not get any compensation at all. 


  1. the government and people at the slums should get serious to improve the infastructures and services ..