Wednesday, August 15, 2012

FAIR DISGUST...i say....

My cousin always told me to stop hating towards the olympics,which end of the day i came to realize i was being selfish ,all the effort of hating i had for the games now i turned them to the Tanzanians whatever organisation that deals in electing the olympics participants,i surely hate them badly just like the way stewie would hate anyone that would interfere in family guy,perhaps is should follow stewie actions upon this losers.
Ignoring the fact that we got an opportunity to participate ,which i find it a big pleasure,i still have much disgust.How blind was i to hate the games and not the players ,i wont mumble on this msongo has to spit this out cause it has been irritating me since last week.
During my secondary school life i had a team mate who was very good at javelin he could throw as much far than anyone i saw at the Olympics , i also have a friend living at a small town in Arusha known as Kisongo, now this one is the real lightening ,am quit sure he can ran than the praised Bolt but all this talents are ignored and throne into the bin...WHY??
The secret behind is whoever is in charge with the selecting of participants is corrupt i would say ,or let me ask what qualifications do they use to pick the participants ? I saw Tanzania Boxer getting kicked like a baby boy ,no enthusiasm in him as if he was forced to get in the ring.
Perhaps if am not wrong participants are selected by fame and richness maybe,if you are from a middle class family and low maybe you cant participate ? But why ? now look at the shame we brought our country ,we are not losers ,we always win but trust me the concept of us being winners is vacating due to some corrupt idiots who would only want there sons and nephews to participate ,living behind the real sports man who are form the fathers and mothers of a middle class family..
I HATE YOU i say...So whats next now after losing ?? Congratulating your daughters and sons in a sarcastic way that they did good ?? Shame on you sincerely..

Shame on you..your habit stinks..look at the kid who has disgust on you..knowing you are destroying the beautiful sports future..


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