Tuesday, August 14, 2012


Perhaps i would call them destroyers ,idiots or evils raised to hate the environment. I managed to conduct a small research yesterday afternoon , viewing various scenes that would occur that afternoon.trust me this time its not about the careless drivers who intend to finish innocent passengers , this one is a bit disturbing . I used to have the habit why lie? I was never friendly to the environment for sure , not until i got busted throwing a debonaire box out of my window.I reckon getting lectured for about an hour plus a 50 thousand fine ($50).
The same afternoon strolling down the town i see a fine girl ,by the looks she was mid twenties ,very beautiful i can say,her hair was well groomed that a drop of rain would bounce.
Guess what,all the attention i gave her was vanished away after seeing her throw a piece of plastic bag just beside the dustbin,I know how you feel now ,so illiterate you could say .Psshh beauty we call,we only know how to groom our hair and wear make ups but what about the environment,how much do we really care ?why do we have much ego towards the environment .Shame right..The same shame should be felt by everyone out there with the similar habits.Lets not act smart on ourselves while we live in dirty cities..lets do something towards it.Lets keep our cities clean.


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