Tuesday, November 13, 2012


After few articles many thought of me being pervert ,i got few emails from friends and fans around the world appreciating what i write , trying to reveal things that are not well followed or known,no gossip ,no fake staff but i underline reality.

Today i have a topic that am sure it will attract many of my Lads ,as i write i think of many things like how will the public think of this.
We have watched movies and even books ,one title that i love is "Sex And Drugs"...,i know how i attracted your sub conscious mind after stating the title.I don't intend  to talk about the title but as my post title states "Konyangi and Sex".

Hey don't judge me am just trying to give a lesson here.Am not a big fan of hard liquor ,in my country "Tanzania" we have a very common hard liquor known as Konyagi ,one of the best actually ..the drink won  lots of awards ,Tourists number one choice and many visiting would carry one to their home countries ,OK my plan here is not to blarney about this drink but is to tell you how its used in my country...
One of the evenings i decided to go have few drinks to cool down my nerves ,this very famous place known as "Java" ,a place with such a criteria ,i met my drinking lads ,had a few and quite the aesthetically stories made our evening,but surely we had something missing ,adorable girls that would make our existence noticed.

Jeff luckily dropped his big red eyes on a very exquisite girl ,he was such a gentlemen,this raised the girls enthusiastic.After few drinks the waiter came to ask what more we wanted ,we all ordered the same  expect Jeff "i want a whole bottle of Konyagi" and we all dropped our eyes at him,thinking what went wrong? from Castle beer to "konyagi".

He tried to arcane the issue so he whispered in my ear ,"Musee Msongo(guy) this girl is sexy ,Chupa yote(whole bottle) of Konyagi will paralyze me and i will have a hardcore sex nakwambia".
It really caught me into a surprise ,my friend turning liquor into Viagra ,i had to do everything to stop him from having that forbidden fruit from a stranger and luckily i managed.

Ok as i shared a short story from my drinking mate "Jeff" ...what am trying to set here is we all love that long sex , we all want to please our partners thinking late ejaculation will determine how good you are , turning Liquor into Viagra isn't the best thing,the biggest problem is imagine "jeff" finishing that whole bottle ,do you think he could even recognize the girls face ,probably he could be very drunk and the result will be having sex without safeguard or passing out while having sex and this will lead the girl into stealing Jeff's properties..
Think about this careful...

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