Monday, August 20, 2012

MY REVELATION BEFORE DECEMBER 21ST..(if not a fib as they say its the end of the world) PART 1

I hope all i hear isn't a fib,if it is not then December 21st has me and my lads worried ,we all think we might only have few months to live,it sure does make me worried since i think  i still have a lot undone ,In case what they say isn't a fib there few things that bother me that i sure have to spit them out before December reaches.

  • Chemical peeling faces
I really have disgust on women/girls who bleach their faces ,what do you all want to be? You call it beauty ,i reckon beauty in some other definition not the unnatural faces from black to gold i would say.Am sure you all think chemical peeling is on fashion right now,i wouldn't blame fashion much since its a time traveler phase which has changed lady gaga into wearing meat as cloth. Chemical peels are popular cosmetic treatments that help to even the skin tone, texture and reduce wrinkles and fine lines(my action: sigh) continue and wait until you peel your faces into ashes.

  • Bad Customer care
I really hate how some places customers can be treated,i have experienced bad customer care services in my life , i would sit around at a restaurant wait for a piece of samosa for hours and a white man will be served first while i was first to order.would wait for a bank teller finish talking to their fiances through their handsets while i wait for service..what are you made of ?it makes me wonder why you would act as if you on top of the world.

  • Racists
The main reason my friend calls me a hater is because i hate Liverpool cause of  that racist Luis Suarez ,before December arrives i have to say this ,we all sit  down and pretend racism is over since Obama is the American president right now.Surely we still have racism,we have seen how big in soccer its portrayed but trust me let me not be bias every one can be a racist not only whites ,why the hell would you only have a black television channel or awards ? I hope you can now get what am trying to say before the world ends.(if it isn't a fib)

  • Under 18 clubbing
Another reason why i hate clubbing apart from dancing is wannabe's that are too young to be clubbing but you will always find them wobbling their butts against men pants,wearing short dresses and busy starring at  wealthy men to buy them drinks.There is no more privacy and the fun of clubbing,imagine entering a club full of kids?? I know how you feel right now.

  • Freemason rumors
It is true that freemasonry was there before i was even born,then why is it that its a major topic now ,we don't know who to listen to ,they are well known as a secret society ,that means whatever they do is a secret then why is it that everyone pretends knows them better than anyone.I stroll in town and anything that is done one will conclude "Freemason" , i buy a news paper and all i find inside is Freemason..ooh please we are tired now ,find something else please..

  • Big Brother sucks
I wouldn't care if you call me a hater ,cause i have heard of that word before .I really don't get it,why watch people living in a house for three month ,insane right? i have watched my self living in the house and going to the bathroom for two decades.why switch on a TV to watch somebody butts and other sexually parts while they baths.people invent games like big brother and give out a lot of money as winning price ,why not start a show of feeding and sheltering unfortunates families.
by:Issah QM Msongo


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