Wednesday, November 28, 2012


I appreciate on those who read my articles,few emails and phone calls i get everyday they keep me motivated.
As always i write about matters that either leave me in a dilemma or matters that irritate me,sometimes i write about the best and happiest things and my adventures in general..
I think about people names in my country and i find them so attic ,i don't mean to offend any one ,my exposure to different places has been adequate ,as i sit preparing myself for a better afternoon at the office i receive a client ,as always i attended the client and applied some of my creativity to do the work she asks for carefully but at the end i ruined it ,and the weird part is after she told me her name i gagged ,she looked provoked how stupid i was not to hold the laughter.
What made me express the mirth really?despite on how her name was weird i could not have laughed ,how rude of me.
In Tanzania parents name their children many names,but they really have bad choices of names,despite me having one of the weird names "msongo" which actually means stress or an enthusiast ,but this client had  a name that i asked myself questions...why name your daughter night "chausiku" ? this is not the only name i came across, "Shida" meaning suffering , "Maumivu" meaning pain ,"kijiko" meaning spoon and many other names.
Its time we call our children good names ,a name can make one have bad future,of course naming your kid Maumivu the name will already make the kids future hell,who will want to hire someone called pain?
I have seen people called "tabu"( trouble) and yet they are the annoying people ever.


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