Wednesday, July 25, 2012


This is sad ,i love social networks ,computer has always been a close friend  ,Facebook my communication area.Millions of people in my country use Facebook ,there is no age limit on this site..i remember seeing my little brother busy signing up for a new account,i had to take an action of stopping him.All that isn't really all i want to share with you ,today i have a sad story ,this is based on a real event that happened to my neighbor.
she always bragged to me that she got a Nigerian friend on Facebook that they keep on chatting and talk all night,i remember her telling me "he is so sweet,i have never seen such a guy."what a gentleman". Its time i had to ask her how well he knew this guy ,i couldn't believe what she said "only been three weeks."i wondered if this guy was a Guru cause my neighbor kept talking about him like they grew up together.
My neighbor is only sixteen years old ,and we were to celebrate her birthday very soon ,while i was thinking on a present to impress her ,here she comes panting and telling me the Nigerian friend will be coming for her Birthday next week.
The day arrived where we were all celebrating ,i remember seeing Annette nervous and sad ,the guy never showed up at the party and she had no idea if the guy arrived.After the party everybody left ,suddenly she gets a phone call and she picks it up and later tells me she was going to leave and go meet this guy in town.
She never came back at home that night,the following day we had to report to the police ,nobody knew where she went ,but at least i had a clue..
It was a Monday,i got a phone call while i was at work ,it was her giggling and i noticed she was in pain ,i followed her directions and reached where she was..
She was in a bad shape ,i couldn't believe when she told me the guy she thought was hot and young was wrong it was a pedophile..she got sexually abused by the old man ..i remember her telling me ,tears were dripping from my eyes..
Facebook a site that people are abusing it , a creation to help people socialize but now it has become An Internet pedophile ring,where young girls and boys get spoil ,people fake their I.D ,what happened to Annette is unforgettable .
Annette later on got ST D's that she suffers until now..

Children should be able to use the Internet safely, without fear of being approached or groomed by these online predators.
Facebook Pedophile Wants to Fuck Babies
We can all recall how Hollie Steel was targeted by pedophiles using her Facebook page,Hollie, 11, was sent a series of sick messages by men since appearing on the UK TV contest Britain's Got Talent.
Hollie Steel
Hollie Steel
Right now this is so common ,Many young boys and girls get disgusting messages on Facebook from Pedophiles.
Something should be done to stop pedophiles ,they are destroying our young brothers and sisters.. Pedophiles is ENORMOUS!Mostly old guys from the western countries coming here to my country destroying these children! I have no sympathy for this.
I do not allow my young sister and brother to use the internet alone..what do you do??

 the name Annette isn't really her real name.

#Issah QM Msongo


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