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I have a confession don't take it personal,Oliver Twist...probably we have all heard the song Oliver Twist by Dbanj and read the book written by Charles Dickens about  an orphan, Oliver Twist, who endures a miserable existence in a workhouse and then is placed with an undertaker. He escapes and travels to London where he meets the Artful Dodger, leader of a gang of juvenile pickpockets. Oliver is led to the lair of their elderly criminal trainer Fagin, naively unaware of their unlawful activities.
people love the song  by Dbanj cause of the rhythm and the good composed beats but mostly don't know the definition..

"Please, sir, I want some more." -Oliver Twist (page 16)
Do you get what i mean ,Oliver always wanted more  ,what did the African singer signed under Kanye Wests GOODLIFE mean??are those all he mentioned on the song Olivers? ,do you think all the artist he mentioned want more?or is it a diss song to some point ?who knows ?lets Talk about Oliver from the book maybe we can get a clue.
During his journey to London, Oliver encounters Jack Dawkins, a pickpocket more commonly known by the nickname the "Artful Dodger", although Oliver's innocent nature prevents him from recognising this hint that the boy may be dishonest. Dodger provides Oliver with a free meal and tells him of a gentleman in London who will "give him lodgings for nothing, and never ask for change". Grateful for the unexpected assistance, Oliver follows Dodger to the "old gentleman"'s residence. In this way, Oliver unwittingly falls in with an infamous Jewish criminal known as Fagin, the so-called gentleman of whom the Artful Dodger spoke. Ensnared, Oliver lives with Fagin and his gang of juvenile pickpockets in their lair at Saffron Hill for some time, unaware of their criminal occupations. He believes they make wallets and handkerchiefs.
Later, Oliver na├»vely goes out to "make handkerchiefs" because of no income coming in, with two of Fagin’s underlings: The Artful Dodger and a boy of a humorous nature named Charley Bates. Oliver realises too late that their real mission is to pick pockets. Dodger and Charley steal the handkerchief of an old gentleman named Mr. Brownlow, and promptly flee. When he finds his handkerchief missing, Mr. Brownlow turns round, sees Oliver, and pursues him. Others join the chase and Oliver is caught and taken before the magistrate. Curiously, Mr. Brownlow has second thoughts about the boy—he seems reluctant to believe he is a pickpocket. To the judge's evident disappointment, a bookstall holder who saw Dodger commit the crime clears Oliver, who, by now actually ill, faints in the courtroom. Mr. Brownlow takes Oliver home and, along with his housekeeper Mrs. Bedwin, cares for him.
Oliver stays with Mr. Brownlow, recovers rapidly, and blossoms from the unaccustomed kindness. His bliss, however, is interrupted when Fagin, fearing Oliver might "peach" on his criminal gang, decides that Oliver must be brought back to his hideout. When Mr. Brownlow sends Oliver out to pay for some books, one of the gang, a young girl named Nancy, whom Oliver had previously met at Fagin's, accosts him with help from her abusive lover, a brutal robber named Bill Sikes, and Oliver is quickly bundled back to Fagin's lair. The thieves take the five-pound note Mr. Brownlow had entrusted to him, and strip him of his fine new clothes. Oliver, dismayed, flees and attempts to call for police assistance, but is ruthlessly dragged back by the Dodger, Charley and Fagin. Nancy, however, is sympathetic towards Oliver and saves him from beatings by Fagin and Sikes.
In a renewed attempt to draw Oliver into a life of crime, Fagin forces him to participate in a burglary. Nancy reluctantly assists in recruiting him, all the while assuring the boy that she will help him if she can. Sikes, after threatening to kill him if he does not cooperate, sends Oliver through a small window and orders him to unlock the front door. The robbery goes wrong, however, and Oliver is shot and wounded in his left arm. After being abandoned by Sikes, the wounded Oliver ends up under the care of the people he was supposed to rob: Miss Rose and her guardian Mrs. Maylie .
My name is Oliver Twist and I am the age of twelve. My life began with the tragic death of my mother, minutes after I was born. At a young age, I was placed in a parish orphanage run by the strict Mrs. Mann. At the age of 10, the hono rable beadle, Mr. Bumble brought me to work and live at the workhouse with other boys of my age. One day, at the supper meal, the boys dared me to ask for more gruel. I made the mistake of going through with the dare, and the beadle offered out an award for anyone who would take me as an apprentice. One man named Mr. Sowerberry, a local coffin maker, offered to have me live and work at his house. The living conditions at his house was something terrible. His other apprentices treated me terribly and I ran away to London. There I joined a gang of men and boys, led by Fagin, who lived off of pickpocketing. After being convicted of stealing a man's belongings, which I didn't do, the kind Mr. Brownlow took me into his home. After suffering an illness in his home, I was mugged in the streets by one of Fagin's workers and forced to move back into Fagin's control. I was then forced to work for the evil Bill Sikes. I barely survived living with him. I was just resently saved and adopted by Mr. Brownlow. I'm looking forward to a long and happy life living with Mr. Brownlow .

try comparing the real story and this dbanjz lyrics,
I have a confession
Don’t take it personal
I have a confession so you got to listen
I have a confession
Don’t take it personal
See I like Beyonce, but she dey with Jigga
I like Nikki, her yansh is bigger
I like Rihanna, she dey make me day go gaga
I like Omotola cos people like her
I like Genevieve cos I think that she’s so sweet
And Nadia Buhari
Cos she no dey drink garri
It’s not her fault you know
You cannot blame me though
I wanna have them all
I know it but the truth is that

I am just an Oliver
Oliver Oliver Oliver Twist
Just an Oliver
Oliver Oliver Oliver Twist
You’re just an Oliver
Oliver Oliver Oliver Twist
I’m just an Oliver
Oliver Oliver Oliver Twist

You got a secret but I think I know it
You want to let it out but them go call you ashy
You like to do it
Do the hmm hmmm hmmm
I know you like D’banj
And you like Don Jazzy
You like 2baba
And you like Fally Pupa
And I know you love Trey Songz
But you no fit sing his songs
I thought as much you know
I do not blame you though
You wanna have them all
You know it’s wrong
But the truth is that you are just an Oliver.


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