Thursday, January 31, 2013


We have all heard of the jokes "mammy where did you first meet Dad?" "Facebook"..,its common on our era,online dating ..yes! lets agree it has been evolving since them days where computers had backbones(not flat screens),but it has quite picked allies right now.

Its a common thing for Lucy to date James who is 1000 miles away being internet their middle man,While online dating is becoming more main stream there are still those who for some reason believe that meeting someone via the computer isn’t normal. Yet this same person will disclose all of their personal business via updates to their 5k FB friends and only really know 102 of them.

I really don't think its wrong doing dating somebody online,I’ve always been amazed by the judgmental people that mock online romances yet rave about the person they met at the club or bar it almost that same thing,dating online cant get trusted that much since you are really not sure with the one your chatting with?Lucy can be tricked by  James profile pic and yet after meeting him she realizes James is not that athletic and bountiful and still online dating can be the best to some people..

The reason why I absolutely love online dating is because it’s a money saver for both men and women. Men don’t have to waste money trying to impress women they aren’t even sure are worth it. Wining and dining can add up. If the average date cost a man let’s say $200(Tshs 250,000). Dinner at a nice restaurant, the flowers he brings you (if he has any class), the gas he burned picking you up or meeting you there and maybe some other event during the evening if there was time.Three dates a month can easily cost a man $600(tshs 650,000). “Blowing Money Fast” is only a reality in make believe rap songs. So a dude is out of $200 per date just to find out if he wants to take a woman out again.  I’m sorry but you’re no Beyonce and he’s not Jay. Let’s be a little more realistic about what a date is suppose to be and come down off the high horse it took you so long to climb onto. I know that’s difficult for some of you to do because you’re just so hot right?  

The only reason i tend to hate online dating is "guessing,"Peter Magai a friend of mine tells me online dating is called "guessing love" you are not sure of the person you are dating,"this reminded me of some stories i heard from my colleagues,A guy used a month stalking on a beautiful lady that she saw on the internet,he made a move and the next thing he knows they are in love ,the everyday chats and sexual appeasing photos made them get more accented ,he was the financier of everything, He flew out too see her and he arrived at the town and booked one of the most expensive hotels,as he waits the door bell rings to open he saw a big black beard blotted man standing in front of him ,to ask who he was ,it was the girl he was expecting..

 To my views Online dating can either be the best since it allows you to put your best foot (along with your best pics) forward. It’s actually more engaging than meeting someone in the traditional manner. There is no audience so performances in the club or at the bar are unnecessary.It can also be so fake since you are not even sure if what you are having is love,and the distance can also affect.

So friends lets not ignore or laugh at people that are dating online and yet lets all be careful on the dates we have online..if you think you really want to flirt online Msongo says visit


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