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 Depression,or that's the word i could use ,being born at worst places really sucks..but seriously nobody wants to be born in such places but it just happens,I keep on saying my country could not be counted as the best place to live in, maybe ,but to my side of view Tanzania is among the best places...don't hate on this but read carefully.Was born in a country where i have never heard of a gunshot till this age ,riots rare things i could hear when i was a country has plenty of food and land unlike other places you people call best places..anyway ,recently i have been reading news about Niger and how its the leading  worst place to become a mother and i got extremely depressed.but what effort is applied to help this country??or is it that people write to get fame and not  helping??i really don't know.Save the children campaign has done its effort and we can see that.just read this places written below and your comments will be very helpful on this Article..
Worst places

  • Niger
  • Afghanistan
  • Yemen
  • Guinea-Bissau
  • Mali
Best places
  • Norway
  • Iceland
  • Sweden
  • New Zealand
  • Denmark

The ranking comes in the charity's annual index which compares conditions for mothers in 165 countries.
It considers a number of factors including health, education, economic status and nutrition.
Niger is severely affected by a regional food crisis. It replaces Afghanistan at the bottom of the Save the Children index.
After two years at the bottom of the list, Afghanistan has moved up a notch. This is credited to greater investment in front-line health workers.

 Save the Children identifies Norway as the best place to be a mother, while the UK comes 10th.
Meanwhile the UN has appealed for urgent funding to help provide food assistance to almost 4 million Nigeriens and 160,000 Malian refugees in Niger as the Sahel region enters the "lean season".
According to the World Food Programme and UN refugee agency, the impact of the successive droughts in Niger, very high food prices and crop failures has been compounded by an influx of refugees fleeing political unrest in neighbouring Mali.

 To my personal opinion,
  Tanzania  has done significantly better than might have been expected for one key reason.
your comments will be of help on this.


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