Saturday, July 28, 2012


Bring me a present my brother ,bring me a present my sister ,it has been long since you brought me one .Please don't be stingy this time ,or act you have forgotten to bring me one ,i would love Gold ,but i wouldn't mind if you bring me silver .Its so important that you bring at least one this seasons .
Dad is expecting Gold ,remember how dad sacrificed for you ,all the trainings he gave you ,he never cared how much it did cost ,your family of about 30 million brothers and sisters are waiting for the presents not only i..What are you going to do to please us ?
 Think of us ,and think did we send you  5,000 miles to start a race or win it??

Team Tanzania bring home a present please ,been long ,follow Filbert Bayi's roots and make our country Happy.Show the spirit that does not know poverty,ethnicity ,richest or human race guys do your thing ,I know you can bring us those presents.
Run like leopards ,swim like Dolphins and box somebodies teeth out ..We need the medals.

we know you can do it ,we wish you all the best ,you all have our prayers ,do your thing and come home safe.Bring yourselves back to your Families with the joy of winning.
 "We count our victories  by the husbands we return to their wives with medals, by the Team we give back to their children and parents with medals. To the last minute,  We win!"


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