Tuesday, July 24, 2012


Sunday night i decide to call my lads over at my place for few drinks and Nyama Choma (BBQ) while we watch Lebron James hit 3 pointers on Argentina's basket.I love Sundays ,its a day that i get time to be with friends after a long busy week searching for nyererez (cash).
We were enjoying the game , cracking jokes here and there ,reminding each other about the beautiful things in life ,nobody worried or having the fear that the enemy could arrive very soon...
while i was biting that chicken wing , Aybraham sipping code red mountain dew , Steve smiling and Simon getting chips from the pot,the enemy suddenly approaches .

OMG ...we all said it at once ,but some of my lads used offensive words later,we were all in shock ,Everyone one was silent..as if a 5 year old boy sneaking to watch a PG 18 movie..The ugly part is the Sunday enemy arrived at wrong timings ,times where Lebron passes the ball to Dwight Howard then aiming for a dunk,aaaaaaahhhhhhh....OMG..then the silence..
My thoughts took me far,thinking about our get together with the guyz and the enemy arrival what would they think of me??
"sasa buddah hiyo ni steamer aisee" eehh joh TANESCO...
wish you could have seen my expression,All i had to say was "relax guys let me check it might be the LUKU..
Our Sunday enemy is always the shameless power cuts that often burn my beautiful rice cooker ,shame shame a country like mine with everything but still we have power cuts,i hate the enemy more cause it tries to come across our fun ..
I think something should be done...aisee hii people ni nini fighting daily at the Parliament without progress,sasa i will be recording everything the power cuts bring me to a loss ,and i will compile that bill and post it to the specific ministry.
Few minutes there it comes,the Sunday shameless enemy hears our complain,but the power gets on while the match is over..making us miss Kobe ,Green and Bosh do there thing.


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