Tuesday, July 31, 2012


I am proud to be Tanzanian, a country that is full of amazing creatures and natural resources like The Kihansi spray toad which was originally discovered and described in 1998, now the Kihansi spray toad lived in the spray wetland of the Kihansi Falls in the Kihansi Gorge in the Udzungwa Mountains of Eastern Tanzania.
Though the species is believed extinct in the wild, Wildlife Conservation Society has been able to breed hundreds of these diminutive frogs in the hope they can one day be reintroduced into a restored ecosystem. Kihansi Spread Toad had one of the smallest ranges of any verbrate in the world, Its home was limited to only about 8 acres in the Kihansi Gorge at the bottom of large water falls.
The Kihansi Spray Toads have never been found living anywhere else in the world. These tiny four-legged vertebrates may well have the smallest habitat range in the world. Adult toads range in size from 1 to 1.5 inches in length and weigh only a few grams. They are yellow in color, and usually have gold and brown spots on their backs. Their skin is thin to the point of being translucent, and many of their internal organs can be seen through their stomachs
The Kihansi spray toad is one of the few frogs that give birth to fully formed young, the small toad lets can produce up to 20 babies at a time, each of which could fit on the head of a pin. Feeding baby Kihansi spay toad require enormous amount of small insect. It lived only in soaked herbaceous vegetation in the spray zone of the Kihansi Falls. It breeds by internal fertilization, the females retaining the larvae internally in the oviduct until little toad lets are born. The toads lived in a nearly vertical wetland created by the forceful spray that came off the pounding water. They prefer the moist rainy remote valley environments of the highlands and mountains of Tanzania. So amazing about The Kihansi Spread Toad, During the day seem to prefer to sit on leaves and at night they hide on the ground under fallen trees and coarse wood debris. The Kihansi Spread Toad is among Icon found in Tanzania,


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