Monday, July 30, 2012



Dear Tanzanian Swimmers,
Dive like a whale, swim like a mermaid are so young, so intelligent, focused with full of enthusiasm, don’t you want an epoch? I know you envy it badly. It’s the first time in history for my country to have such young swimmers like you. Today over thousands of Tanzania's will be watching you do your thing...Ammaar Ghadiyali and Magdalena Moshi. Make us proud of you.
Ammaar i know you are used of this,remember the other time in China where came 99 out of 130 ,you got experience boy FINA world championship wasn't that bad ..don't let Olympics scare you..Bring that medal home.
I come to you Magdalene Moshi ,oohh yeah girl you got the guts ,so daring my dear ...I once saw you swim at International School of Dar-es-salaam ,you did get my attention nearly thought was watching a Mermaid Movie on my 3D glasses.21 years old ,very interesting ,don't dissapoint Tony Ongala your trainer .shes expecting much from you..not only her ,we are all looking forward to see you bring the medals back home...we wish you all the best.
regards ,
Issah QM Msongo.
                             Ammaar Ghadiyali, (middle) Magdalena Moshi (left) and coach Sheha Mohammed


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