Thursday, July 26, 2012


In the year 2000, mankind suffered a great blow. We actually woke up New Year’s morning after an apocalyptic party on New Year’s Eve 1999 even though some joker told us that technology would fail due to a design error in the system clocks. It is in this era of failed apocalypses that Lil Jon, a hype man, finally began to look seriously at becoming more than just music peddler Jermaine Dupri and his So So Def Records. He started work on his own musical career.
However his music was just him and his friends yelling at a microphone and the public was not prepared for this. They tuned out and turned off. But he kept at it, working the mix just right and his statistics grew and grew and he hit gold sales in 2002 with Put Yo Hood Up, platinum in 2002 with Kings of Crunk. But in 2004, Jon hit the big time; that light bulb went on above his head. “Merge what I do with what THEY like”, he must have thought. In this year Crunk Juice was released and it went large. It featured the likes of Usher, R.Kelly, Pharelle Williams, Ice Cube and many other incredible names. This was a combination of the type of music people were used to with a hard core crazy and drunk (crunk) beat.
He was the first one. The first hammer in the coffin of musical sanity as we know it because for hours people bounced around in clubs shaking their heads like they had epilepsy to the beats. Jon was for all intents and purposes, the first one. He opened the door that others followed through. From then on music began to devolve into random noises backed up by a symphony.
Fast forward to today and we have dozens of hype men purporting themselves as musicians even though any computer with Sony Acid Music Studio can create what they do.

Gone is the era of vocals which moved one to the point of tears like only a good shot of Whitney Huston or Mariah Carey could. Now it is all about parties, dances and drinking.
Look at some of the “big names today” in the music scene.

                                                               is this music??
But I will be honest with you, maybe the music isn’t completely as far out as I say. Maybe the real problem here is that I am tired of going to clubs and being expected to do some “Hot New Dance” every week. It seems like these days listening to music has gone beyond keeping up with the fashion trends (LMFAO, not even if a divine entity ordered me to would I dress like that in public) but it is now also about dancing and drinking habits.Below is what i call a good touch of music ,easy rap and enjoyable.
                                                              Busta and Mariah...
                                                                 Brandy and Monica
                                                                    Nelly and Kelly(Dilema)

                                                       A.Onyango and Issah QM Msongo


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