Saturday, July 28, 2012


Everyone loves to laugh,am scribbling this article and am quit sure you will love it,Is it only me or probably you think the same?What are comedy Directors doing ?where are all the laughs we used to giggle and chuckle,why direct a comedy movie and put more of offensive things than the laughs.what would my young brothers and sisters laugh on,from the movies to the cartoons we cant laugh on any right now .Its disappointing , how my cousin sister can stare at the HD screen and force a smile on her face pretending she enjoys. Chris Columbus where are your moments ,moments where i would laugh my heart out watching the HOME ALONE..hahahaha just the name would remind me of the moments..OOhh John Hughes i can remember how those freaks  where punished with a small baby on BABY'S DAY OUT,everyone would laugh while watching that movie.People like Cosby ,Bill Cosby do something to bring back the laughs ,don't be like Will Smith from cool FResh prince to no more real comedy  (Man in Black).

Classic comedy above there...We need to laugh ,Director be fare to our kids ,Direct something that will make them really laugh and teach them to be brave..i will congratulate Chris Miller for Puss in Boots ,Eric Darnell for Madagascar 3and the rest who are trying to make us smile.


how well do you know Steve Urkel ?how many times did he make you laugh,i think you are getting my point now,we miss people like him,people with great comedy not fake comedy,I start to think we no longer have people like him.
Below is a bit of a list of movies and directors who  make me laugh ,oldies and present .
  • Family matters -William Bickley
  • Baby days out - John Hughes
  • Home alone-Chris Columbus
  • The Three Stoogies 
  • Puss in Boots
  • Family Guy
  • Madagascar


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