Wednesday, July 18, 2012


  1. Chips mayai is among the foods that in my country people really love.its easy to make and doesn't consume much time,i think this is why most of the people like it.This is a combination of French Fries and scrambled eggs..but surely chips mayai is sweet ,everyday when i walk down my street i see mzee Juma frying this food ,while plenty of customers Que to purchase.

 2. "mama lete ugali nyama" mama lete para la mzee " hahahahha this are words people use to order stiff porridge when they visit restaurants .Ugali is among the best foods that one has to eat,full of energy.You should try this when you visit my beautiful country Tanzania.After ugali is ready we like to eat in a group ...i mean together.

 3. Zanzibar pizza..oohh yeah..if you think you have eaten all kind of Pizzazz i bet not this one...this is a traditional pizza made from eggs ,meat and flour..its tasty trust me...i know you're salivary glands are reacting..hahahah..

4.Makande,right mmmhh looks tasty right? yap that's an African meal known as Makande in swahili,its a combination of beans and corns ..very healthy.

5.Ndizi nyama,swahili name meaning bananas and meat ,its my favorite meal i can say,this food can tasty when served warm.

6. Wali maragwe..(rice and beans)yes ,yes ,i know Geoffrey this is your favorite meal ..this food is well loved and cooked in every home in Tanzania at least a day .some wouldn't mind eating it daily.

7.Pilau ..originates from Asia,rice full of spices but its the best,in Tanzania its often cooked during occasions ,you would walk Door to Door during Eid ,Easter or Christmas and you would find this food in almost every neighbor Mama Sabuni calls it wali mchafu meaning dirty rice simply because its full of spice..but seriously this is a meal i have loved since a kid .Many kids love it.

There among the foods you would wish to eat ,for guests that have never been to Beautiful Tanzania ,order this meals when you visit then you let me know how sweet they are.If you want to know how to prepare them you can always send a comment or contact us ..then we will post an article on how to cook each of the meals..