Friday, July 27, 2012


I can never stop hating or talking about this crazy devilish killing disease ,The above clip is among commercials that i love ,its not too long that it would bore someone ,its simple, with straight Swahili and can be understandable..Can we get Malaria from the sun?? funny right? My entire life strolling on my elevens down the street under the sun i have never got malaria out of it.
This commercial portrays how people from Tanzania rural areas are not well educated on this epic killing disease called Malaria.
Big secret of malaria eviction is using examples portrayed on the clip above,using a Chandarua (net)It reminds me when i had a trip to my home town Kigoma last summer ,thinking i was Johny Quest on that adventure,every house i did visit at the village non had a mosquito net,To ask why was that ,many could say they cant use a net because they feel hot at night when they use one.
some even had superstition beliefs and others used the net to cover their livestock.
Illiterate i would say ,still much education is needed.SOS...several campaigns are annually brought in my country but who benefits from them really ?? Is it the citizen who are suffering or the vagabond leaders who write fake reports to earn money from the campaigns?
 definitely we cant get Malaria from the sun ,its transmitted through Anopheles Mosquitoes.Do you want to know what the late Dr.Ronald Ross did for Malaria??

                To be continued ...relax ..we will help each other to stop Malaria
      Malaria haikubaliki
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