Saturday, January 26, 2013


 "i love the way you die boy". its among the quotes that made me smile,i had to  pause the film,surely it caught me up on how a brother like him could pull such a stunt during the 1858 and soon i realized i was watching a movie.
I hope am not that late enough to review "Django Unchained".

Well Quentin Tarantino had to step on the different side this time cooking a pot that takes place during the slavery era,unchained takes place in southern America in 1858, two years before the Civil War. The film opens with Django (Jamie Foxx), a slave being transported by foot to a new plantation. A bounty hunter named Dr. King Shultz (Christoph Waltz) then sets Django free. He needs Django to identify three men he has been searching for so that he can kill them and collect the bounty for their bodies. After a turn of events, Shultz becomes a sort-of mentor to Django, and the two set out as partners in the business. Eventually they arrive in Mississippi, where Django wants to free Broomhilda(Kerry Washington) his enslaved wife from the clutches of plantation owner Calvin Candie (Leonardo DiCaprio),an dissenter slave keeper who forces slaves to brutal fight for sports.

New here for Tarantino is the theme of slavery. This is a touchy subject, but somehow Tarantino manages to make it work in his court. Among all of the ridiculous pieces that mix into Unchained, Tarantino never loses sight that the slavery era in America was a terrible thing. While the movie is often hilarious and wildly entertaining to many of my pals but i was still quite not impressed with random flashbacks and racially offensive stupidity masquerading as comedy.

I almost lost the theme of the movie and the year they were referring to after hearing a Rick Ross track somewhere in the movie ,which i even had to pause again and frowned,"seriously"? i thought it was so disconcerted..a friend of mine told me Ricky must have much love for this film,and Tarantino why Hip Hop beat during slavery era?

I bet Boondocks lovers after watching Django they were caught by a surprise,if you ever watched Boondocks season two episode twelve named “The Story of Catcher Freeman” the cartoon details the story of a freed slave who works for his former fellow captives ,something very related to "Django Unchained" though the adult comedy cartoon intended to be funny unlike Django Unchained.

Speaking of the cast here Jamie foxx was so solid in this movie giving me flashbacks of Kunta kinte ,he had guts and well played two different characters being a slave and later a gunslinger,also we had other supporting artists like Leonardo DiCaprio was the most interesting in this film ,he talked boastful and succeed admirably ,his performance  is really a reminder of why the actor is one of the more respected of his generation.
 Now Samuel Jackson a man  i have always loved his films,he did superb in this movie playing as a puppet to Candie ,hilarious acting from him.Kerry Washington wasn't much to see from her since she had small to do ,any character could have suit for her but i really loved how she could get scared,the fear she had was unbearable no wonder fox called her the "little trouble maker".Not living out Waltz ,a character that nailed it,speaking different languages and confusing dialogue ,a doctor that was very cocky and instead f majoring to his professional he became a bounty hunter..

Am quite sure critics will have much to say of this movie but we enjoyed it...

Msongo grades it: B+


  1. i think Rick ross track is used in the movie coz of some of the lines reflecting the movie like(i broke off chains only the realest remain)..this is seen on the movie when django is released from slave traders)..also there is other line saying "any question,they hang em better pray for jack django"...thats my view

  2. I agree with Rick, the track used in the movie coz of some of the lines reflects the movie taste.

  3. will smith was initially approached to act as Django but refused