Monday, July 23, 2012


1.Bajaj..3 wheeled cheese.

pppppiiiiii....drrrrruuhhhnngghh...hahahahah bajaj bajaji...we even call it tuk tuk...originates from India. Until the year 2010 Dar es Salaam had no room for the Indian Bajaji and or a tricycle to be used as a means of transporting passengers.
Today it is a common feature around Dar es Salaam.
The Indian Bajaji was allowed on the streets to ease the need for transport services in the city after it became clear that taxis couldn’t handle the increased number of passengers.
 when i think of the traffic jam in my country Tanzania i used to get pissed ,but why get angry ..thanks to bajaj been helpful not only to me but plenty other citizens in my home town.

i had a chance to speak with Jumbe Ali ,a bajaj driver ,he says "many people prefer using bajaji cause its not very expensive and we can go to any location"

The famous Abel Manyanza ,he was recommended to me by a friend ,and later on i visited this site on the internet i came across him, Abel says "i make 20 thousands a day ($15) ,most of my clients are foreigners"
Abel is very knowledgeable about Dar-Es-Salaam, its streets, night life and everything in between. You can reach him at 0773-589879.

Rajabu says“The Bajaj consumes little fuel compared to a taxi.” “I usually use $4.45 fuel on my daily trips and still come up with a profit of US$9.55, that is a good business and am almost one year old in this trade.Rajabu is also a bajaji driver in Tanzania.

If you find yourself in and /or live in Dar-es-salaam and you need to run through the horrendous traffic jams, try using a Bajaj.

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