Wednesday, July 18, 2012


 I have always loved  Andrew Onyangos thrilling stories ,after i went through this article i found it legit or let me say epic and also educating, this one can be sad.why not share it with you...
 Recently, news (twitter rumors) reached me that a “prominent cabinet minister” had to be hospitalized after popping some of the little blue “helpers” which men with dysfunctional “erectiles” pop in order to “ravish young ladies”, who may or may not be their wives, in hotels. The interesting thing about the story is the spectacle the minister caused when he was carted out of the hotel by paramedics while sporting a spear worthy of a Maasai high jump. Although it may solicit some chuckles from the less sensitive in society I don’t think there is anything funny about this story. What’s funny about an old man taking Viagra to please a younger woman then nearly dying and being publicly paraded around a hotel lobby on a mobile bed then being taken to the hospital because he got an erection? Does that seem funny to you? Quite frankly, it sounds traumatic. I think it is time for a Viagra safety lesson.

First of all, Viagra or Sildenafil is a little rhombus shaped pill from the brilliant chemists at Pfizer. In fact if you have quality concerns, look for the word “Pfizer” across the sides (Take that, River Road Pharmaceuticals!) What it does after ingestion is that it confuses the body into stopping the production of an enzyme which controls blood flow to the penis. Basically it opens the flood gates by knocking out the security guard… I think. Wikipedia articles can be tricky when they get all educational. Anyway, the drug is used in treating erectile dysfunction (more commonly known as “deadwood”), altitude sickness and some heart complications. Ironically, patients with heart conditions are advised to talk to their doctor before taking the pill but where sex is concerned even Solomon was a retard.
There are certain things to do when using Viagra safely. First of all, BE RESPONSIBLE, consult your doctor. If you are too ashamed to do that then consult the internet. If you do not know how to use the internet then consult a younger cousin or nephew in university looking for an academic paper to research. He can “Do a paper about it for school” and share his research with you for fact checking i.e. BE CREATIVE! But when it comes to pill usage, DON’T be creative. Use it as described by a doctor and follow the instructions on the box. Heck! Follow both if you think it would be safer.
ALWAYS experiment with a spouse first before playing “pez dispenser” with a mistress. Your wife married you for better or for worse. So she pretty much HAS to deal with your issues by legal and spiritually binding contract. But a mistress does not have the necessary documentation to keep this issue hush hush. That’s how people start to talk and next thing you know, the guys at the country club are looking at you funny. Their faces are somehow sympathetic yet smug at the same time. Know why? THEY KNOW! Finally, be familiar with the side effects. Not just the beneficial one but the less fun stuff like depression, decreased reflexes, neuropathy, shivers, sleeplessness, drowsiness, anxiety, strange dreams, loss of senses, nerve pains, and sensational skin tingling or numbness.

much thanks to Andrewonyango.blogspot ,my role model...


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