Tuesday, July 24, 2012


You have always been my first option,i have been having you since i was a kid ,if it were not you i would choose your cousins to quench my thirst .I usually wake up in the morning and watch the news ,this time i get to see a funny commercial that sincerely it has provoked my feelings.
I love every beautiful words used on this commercial about Africa ,the commercial amused me ,but it came to the provoking part...yes provoking i mean ,this is according to my opinion  don't get me wrong.
Coca Cola a billion reason to believe in Africa 2012 commercial yes,i love coke but somebody should explain to me what this commercial meant by this words "while the world worries about the future,"1 billion Africans are sharing coke" i know how you feel right now after trying to figure out what it meant.Do me a favor watch the video below carefully and try to think ,do this carefully cause you might find my feelings are wrong but i bet you will find me right.

the last sentences hope you have came across them while watching the commercial ,i hate the words ,does it mean while the world worries about the future ,Africans are busy drinking coke..shame and disgust ..we also think and get worried about the future..I know how a lot of people wished to comment on this ,and how they hate this commercial...ppssshh if they really want this advert to be loved by Africans they should change the phrase...
What do you take Africans of??hahahah, am not laughing cause its a laughing matter but am being sarcastic on this  ,us busy drinking coke while others worry about the world...

This ad treats Africans like children. Apparently everyone was born yesterday if Coca-Cola really expects them to think that a company with a net-income equal to the GDP of 28 African countries selling sugar-water to poor people is a good thing.
 its just like the conversation below:
World: So Africa, whats your plan for the future? Development? Peace? Stability?
Africa: Just pass me that magical drink that makes me happy man! Stop with the questions already!!!! Hehe!

Maybe Coke figured that layered, clever ads would never be understood by the African demographic. Just put an old sage man singing with a choir of children(wow, that's new), throw in some Africans dancing to their own rhythm,(gee; that's groundbreaking) say something about African colour. (wow, never heard that one) This isn't saying anything on POSITIVE REALITIES it's just rehashing of cliched and trite cliches of the WESTERN NARRATIVE on what Africa is.  Stereotype i say..


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