Saturday, November 10, 2012


I always see this advert on my local TV, i surely don't understand the main breakdown , i don't mean to become TMZ but surely what does it really mean , my friend Suzy tells me i just hate the Commercial because am not a big fun of Condoms. I surely hated condoms but i have no option rather than tearing the pack and wearing one to prevent myself from the killer disease AIDS.
Condoms have never been a very close friend of mine because they also once challenged me and embarrassed me , i remember visiting the Mangi Kioski just nearby ,it took me  time to say what i wanted cause i had that fear that how will the Mangi think of me.
lets cut the chase and get back to the advert,i understand the producers target was to show that a guy using condom is the man,well understood but at least the scenes could talk more on the condoms,what i love about this commercial is the wobbly beats and the funny music that is used, but to my point of view it does not convince me to buy the condom ,but it only teaches me to  give a ride to a beautiful women if she is stranded , kick a smugglers butts when he steals from a women ,how to approach a lady while smiling and the next thing we do is dancing ,when am in a daladala should watch around if a big mama is starring at me.
Hey don't call me loather , no hard feelings on Dume ,by the way am their good purchaser but my advice is next they do a commercial about condoms think of something real ,something emotional ,show victims ,let them talk about this killer disease ,show symptoms and how many people we are loosing each day because of this me emotion teaches,am sure your target was the youth that's why you used the wobbly beats ,the good looking tall guy and an aesthetically appealing woman,not bad i say but emotion and reality could make the message pave ways..

issah QM Msongo


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