Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Why men should hit the gym...


Many of my lads think that lifting weight is all about building muscles,which i don't deny it! but also lifting weight is not only about building muscles,it does a lot more for i list some few benefits of one hitting the gym.

  • Eliminate Stress
Stress hormones are linked to depression and hypertension, zap your energy, and decrease your immune system, which can lead to other ailments.working out is one of the best methods to ease one's stress..instead of taking drugs or alcohol for some stress excuse why not gear up and go hit the will feel better, think more clearly, and have a more positive attitude.

  • You will have better erection
Working reduces out men's risk of impotence,apart from foods that i earlier listed working out also reduces men's risk of impotence.
  • Lowers cholesterol
Exercising increases high-density lipoprotein (HDL), the “good” cholesterol. This cholesterol acts like the garbage truck in the bloodstream, removing the “bad” low-density lipoprotein (LDL) artery-clogging kind of cholesterol from the blood to the liver. Just thirty minutes of cardiovascular exercise a few times per week helps lowers cholesterol by helping you lose or maintain weight. Being overweight tends to increase the amount of LDL in your blood; high LDL levels are linked to heart disease.

  •  You will sleep a lot better.
we have heard of people who complain they cant sleep at all,they should try boosting their physical activity during the day..working  out makes one tired,this leads a lot to one sleeping a lot better.

  • Boost testosterone levels
Testosterone is one of the most critical hormones in the male body. It not only keeps your sex drive alive, but also boosts the development of your muscles, your overall energy levels, and even cognitive functions such as attentiveness and memory.

  • Building your bones
pumping iron can help treat patients with osteoarthritis.working out in the gym boosts the strength of muscles in the leg, which helps compensates for the destruction of the knee joint.

  • You get younger and sexy.
 When exercise is combined with good nutrition, people feel fewer muscle aches and pains, enjoy a boost in energy, have increased strength and enhanced speed, and can react more quickly, all which leads to a more youthful feeling.Ladies will find you more attractive and sharp.


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