Thursday, November 1, 2012

IF I COULD BUT SPEAK ENGLISH (still a problem)

My drinking mate Minja is one of the people i like hanging out with  ,despite of his perverted mind he is a good thinker.
This weekend as we paralyze our minds with the chilled Smirnoff Ice ,he laughs and tells me on how he gets surprised with Tanzania leaders?
He asks
: would you force yourself too speak a language that you are not good with?
Msongo: What is in your mind?
He was surprised on how our politicians can force themselves to speak English while they cant .
Coming to think of it this is a big problem ,English !!
In poor countries especillay Africa many Children have to learn through a language of small minority ,a language neither they nor their teachers master well..How is it possible to give quality education for all in a language mastered by few?
Why force a student to learn Civics in a language that he/she doesn't understand,how does Civics of Tanzania interfere with English..thinking why isn't it taught in Swahili but i cant get a clue.
Below is a letter of of application for a job as a security guard written by a student who has passed through all six years of secondary school in Tanzania with English as the language of instruction.

Dear Sir,
Iam aply to my job of security guard to you boss in you compamy of clearing and forward .iam complete to form 6 examination certificat in 2002.My school certificat is very good.i can come to see it for you.
I am 27 ears to be born of age and no mallied and no children .
My fatheris dead long time and my mother married in swaziland country 10 ears ,since i am in primary school not see she so nobody to help me.
My certificat is sitting home for it self,but passes i  all subjects but fail english beacuse of the teacher teaching me is jelos of my self.iam wearing good cloth than to them.but cant speak english free i here you company want security gards and i tell you i want jobu..
am on tat jobu experince for 2 years i shoot thief dead this tempolali job.i want to employ in you company beacause i can shot gun AK 47 i leaned from mgambo.please cosida me application careful and telephone me any time beacuse i have phony.I am red interview for you.I am very kind.And rememba that english is not our mother land....

this is so injustice to young job seekers when they are forced to write an application in a language they dont the security company think the prospective thieves would be speaking English??


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