Wednesday, November 21, 2012


As we are about to finish 2012 ,the year that had a lot of events ,the good and the worst .I remember reading papers and some billboards around my country and even articles written by my apotheosis around the world and trust me all the writings weren't good since everyone was claiming December might be the end of the world ,with no eligible proof .
I am not scared of the world ending but my big worry is there are lot in this world haven't happened yet ,the world ending in December isn't the best thing to hear,i hope who ever started this is bluffing .
I even heard from a friend that the date of the Doomsday is 21st of December ,this got me more worried that it had to be that soon ,soon enough that i wouldn't see my grandma for Christ mass,many questions in my mind ,one of them is why ending the world before Christ mass ,how can we sing Jingle bell then ,how can my little young sister not get the chance to believe Santa is coming to give her a barbie doll?
I surely don't know what kind of catastrophe will end the world ,is it that fib that we all saw on the movie 2012 featuring Nicholas Cage ? i honestly cant buy that .
I don't want to accredit the whole idea since i also heard the same fib that May 2011 the world was going to collapse,and here we are living in 2012,now i don't see those billboards that said May was doomsday.
How can the world end while Arsenal haven't got any trophy, that's a joke a lad of mine we always tell.
We lived to see many things happen ,other things that we never even expected ,but all i can say is how sure are they that the world is going to collapse on 21st December?
keep following my articles this week luckily you will read about what i think hasn't happened to the world  and what has happened that i don't like.
Latest i hear is NASA has tried to analyse the possibility of the earth ending and their report was there will be nothing more than December solstice.

nibiru collide with earth 21 decenber 2012

nibiru or planet-X collide with earth on 21 dec 2012 end of world 2012

nibiru collision planetx end of world 2012


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