Friday, November 2, 2012


I have always known that mothers are the most caring people to  Children ,they have a loving heart ..How does it feel having a mother that wants to kill you ? it can be very sad knowing the woman who brought you to earth wants to kill you..
In my schooling life i heard a lot about FGM (female genital mutilation) ,its a sad topic ,i remember during my secondary schooling back then my Civics teacher Mr.Kijanga always told us how cruel this FGM can be..
Laodicean they can be ,what good does it bring circumcising a young Girl...
This happened in my country Tanzania just few days ago ,a young baby girl called Shamla Saidi died after bleeding too much ,this young girl was circumcised by an old lady of about 60 years old known as Asha Salimu ,the mother of the young baby known as Tausi Kassim (24) willingly took the young baby who was only four month to get Circumcised .
All this was led by superstitions ,after the victims were taken to court it was realized that the mother of the baby complained to much that the child was unseldom vomiting and diarrhea ,they were convinced that the 4 month new born was suffering from a disease known as "Lawalawa",so the only cure of the disease was circumcision.

I would have no mercy on draconian people like this mother and her colleagues ,i would suggest they should be sentenced to life in prison.


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